2007 Pisco Peru

2007 August 15 Magnitude 7,9 Earthquake near the Coast of Central PerĂº. EEFIT Preliminary Report

Asset no. 12: Pisco school building

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Location name
Asset no. 12: Pisco school building
Address or location
Pisco school building
User defined boundary or administrative area id
Geometry (long/lat)
Location precision notes
Asset boundary accuracy rating: Marginal
Asset boundary accuracy justification: No specific georreferencing for the asset. Village/Town general location.
Original survey reference
Is the data aggregated
USGS Intensity zone
Soil class
General soil conditions
Location: comment
Georeference source: GADM
Damage description: In many columns steel deformed rebar were found in column elements. Large openings at the first storey, slender, tall columns and rigid roofs/slabs and/or beams, causing soft-storey mechanisms and failure at the top of columns. No compliance with capacity design principles requiring that a beam develops plastic hinges while columns remain elastic or near yielding. Shear failure of colunns due to insufficient shear reinforcement with respect to flexural capacity. Short column shear failure, due to the presence of openings for light and air circulation. Low quality of materials, low strength of concrete and use of round stones from river beds as aggregate. Insufficient detailing of reinforcement: lengths and staggering of splicing, development lengths, transverse reinforcement for shear strength and confinement at element ends, small diameters of longitudinal reinforcement, excessive or insufficient cover of longitudinal reinforcement. Pounding at the ceiling level between independent units at expansion joints. All these above features were found all over the schools that sustained large damage.
Source of damage data: Study Reference 1, pg 46
The geom

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Damage for asset no. 12
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Damage level
Heavy damage
Casualty level
Inventory class
200708152340, 2007 August 15 Magnitude 7,9 Earthquake near the Coast of Central PerĂº. EEFIT Preliminary Report, 12
Asset class
Essential facility
Asset type
Asset sub type
Middle school
Asset form of construction
Type of damage
Ground shaking
Type of damage - secondary
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