1994 Northridge USA

Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study

Asset no. 07: Lopez-Lowther Adobe

Location details

Location name
Asset no. 07: Lopez-Lowther Adobe
Address or location
Lopez-Lowther Adobe
San Gabriel, California
User defined boundary or administrative area id
Geometry (long/lat)
POINT(-118.119222 34.106503)
Location precision notes
Original survey reference
Is the data aggregated
USGS Intensity zone
Soil class
General soil conditions
Regardless of Soil Type
Location: comment
Georeference source: Figure 3.39 of Study 1
Damage description: "A major portion of the damage the Lopez-Lowther Adobe sustained was influenced by preexisting moisture damage at the base of the walls. The longitudinal, load-bearing walls were cracked and damaged along their length. In several areas, crumbling of the weakened adobe at the base of the walls caused the plaster to bulge outward. Another area of major damage was the north gable-end wall that appears to have deteriorated over the last few years, but was seriously affected by the earthquake. The south gable-end wall has some cracking but is in much better condition than the north. ... Both the east and west walls have moderate to extensive damage along their lengths."
Source of damage data: Study 1, pp. 111-119
Asset location accuracy rating: Marginal
Asset location accuracy justification: Coordinates are approximate; chose a point near the center of each dot in the figure
The geom
POINT (-118.1192219999999935 34.1065029999999965)

Survey details

Damage for asset no. 7
Number of buildings or assets
Damage level
Moderate damage
Casualty level
Inventory class
19940117123055, Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study, 7
Asset class
Historic building
Asset type
Other historic residential building
Asset sub type
Asset form of construction
Type of damage
Ground shaking
Type of damage - secondary
Value: status
Not set yet

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