1994 Northridge USA

Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study

Asset no. 03: De la Osa Adobe

Location details

Location name
Asset no. 03: De la Osa Adobe
Address or location
De la Osa Adobe
Encino, California
User defined boundary or administrative area id
Geometry (long/lat)
POINT(-118.512119 34.171786)
Location precision notes
Original survey reference
Is the data aggregated
USGS Intensity zone
Soil class
General soil conditions
"Alluvium consisting of clay, silt, sand, and gravel, unconsolidated and poorly to well stratified."
Location: comment
Georeference source: Figure 3.39 of Study 1
Damage description: "The damage to the De la Osa Adobe was very extensive. The east gable-end wall collapsed completely, pulling away from the longitudinal walls and falling outward toward the east. The collapse of the gable wall subsequently brought down the ceiling structure at this end. The west gable-end wall suffered severe crack damage at the comers, and the upper section of the wall is leaning outward toward the west. The longitudinal load-bearing walls sustained moderate to extensive crack damage, primarily as a result of out-of-plane movement and pounding at the transverse walls. Several of the interior transverse walls have suffered extensive crack damage, having developed shear cracks, separation cracks at wall intersections, and out-of-plane permanent displacement. Five cross-ties were effective to varying degrees. One was completely ineffective, having been previously cut; two of the other ties suffered partial failure when their anchorages partially pulled through the longitudinal walls; and two remained intact and were effective. Much of the plaster throughout the structure was spalled due to the cracking in the adobe walls, and large portions of the remaining plaster have delaminated from the wall surfaces and will have to be removed."
Source of damage data: Study 1, pp. 75-88
Asset location accuracy rating: Marginal
Asset location accuracy justification: Coordinates are approximate; chose a point near the center of each dot in the figure
The geom
POINT (-118.5121189999999984 34.1717859999999973)

Survey details

Damage for asset no. 3
Number of buildings or assets
Damage level
Very heavy damage/partial collapse
Casualty level
Inventory class
19940117123055, Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study, 3
Asset class
Historic building
Asset type
Asset sub type
Asset form of construction
Type of damage
Ground shaking
Type of damage - secondary
Value: status
Not set yet

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