1994 Northridge USA

Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study

Asset no. 02: Andres Pico Adobe

Location details

Location name
Asset no. 02: Andres Pico Adobe
Address or location
Andres Pico Adobe
Mission Hills, California
User defined boundary or administrative area id
Geometry (long/lat)
POINT(-118.474275 34.288156)
Location precision notes
Original survey reference
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USGS Intensity zone
Soil class
General soil conditions
"Recent alluvium consisting of clay, silt, sand, and gravel, all of which are unconsolidated and poorly to well stratified."
Location: comment
Georeference source: Figure 3.39 of Study 1
Damage description: "Earthquake damage to the Andres Pico Adobe is very extensive, consisting of severe crack damage and partial collapse of some walls. Approximately one third of the south-end gable wall above the second floor collapsed, as did the chimney on the west wall above the roof line, the northwest comer of the kitchen, the northeast corner of the garage, and a section of garden wall along the north side of the patio. The north gable-end wall at the second-floor level is leaning outward approximately 3 inches and a large section of the exterior plaster separated from the adobe surface and fell, causing structural damage to the balcony. The east and west longitudinal walls have permanent out-of-plane damage with mid-span deflections of approximately 4 inches at the second floor joist level and at the wall top plate level. There is severe crack damage throughout the structure and evidence of moisture damage along the base of the walls which led to increased levels of adobe and plaster spall damage as well as partial collapse in some locations. The west longitudinal wall and northwest comer of the kitchen are examples of increased spalling of the adobe and partial collapse, respectively. Much of the cracking also resulted in large areas of spalled and delaminated plaster."
Source of damage data: Study 1, pp. 61-74
Asset location accuracy rating: Marginal
Asset location accuracy justification: Coordinates are approximate; chose a point near the center of each dot in the figure
The geom
POINT (-118.4742750000000058 34.2881560000000007)

Survey details

Damage for asset no. 2
Number of buildings or assets
Damage level
Very heavy damage/partial collapse
Casualty level
Inventory class
19940117123055, Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study, 2
Asset class
Historic building
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Type of damage
Ground shaking
Type of damage - secondary
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Not set yet

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