1994 Northridge USA

Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study

Asset no. 01: Del Valle Adobe at Rancho Camulos

Location details

Location name
Asset no. 01: Del Valle Adobe at Rancho Camulos
Address or location
Del Valle Adobe at Rancho Camulos
Piru, California
User defined boundary or administrative area id
Geometry (long/lat)
POINT(-118.733172 34.430633)
Location precision notes
Original survey reference
Is the data aggregated
USGS Intensity zone
Soil class
General soil conditions
"Alluvium consisting of unconsolidated flood plain deposits of silt, sand, and gravel of up to 100 feet in depth."
Location: comment
Georeference source: Figure 3.39 of Study 1
Damage description: "The damage to the Del Valle Adobe at Rancho Camulos was very extensive. Two walls of the southeast bedroom (Ramona’s room) collapsed. The south wall of the bedroom at the southwest corner of the building collapsed, and the damage to the west wall is irreparable. The gable-end wall at the southeast corner was severely damaged but did not collapse. The stone walls at the north end of the west wing have suffered severe crack damage in the comers. Crack damage occurred throughout the building. There was damage at building comers in the form of pounding and separation gaps between walls at intersections, spalling of interior and exterior plaster, and spalling of adobe in areas that had been weakened by previous and repeated exposure to water. In many locations, the walls have pulled away from the ceiling joists, and damage to the walls has reduced their ability to support the joists."
Source of damage data: Study 1, pp. 41-60
Asset location accuracy rating: Marginal
Asset location accuracy justification: Coordinates are approximate; chose a point near the center of each dot in the figure
The geom
POINT (-118.7331719999999962 34.4306330000000003)

Survey details

Damage for asset no. 1
Number of buildings or assets
Damage level
Very heavy damage/partial collapse
Casualty level
Inventory class
19940117123055, Tolles et al 1996 Historical Adobe Study, 1
Asset class
Historic building
Asset type
Asset sub type
Asset form of construction
Type of damage
Ground shaking
Type of damage - secondary
Value: status
Not set yet

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