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On August 15th 2007, at 23 h 40min 59 s (UMT)–18h 40min 59 s (local time), a 7.9Mw magnitude (as estimated by the Geophysical Institute of Peru, IGP) earthquake occurred off the coast of Central Peru. The event occurred in the subduction boundary between the Nazca and South American plates, in which the Nazca plate slides underneath the American plate. The velocity of relative displacements between these plates has been estimated as 70–80 mm/year (e.g., Norabuena et al. 1999, referenced by Tavera et al. 2007). The tensor solution assigned to this event corresponds to a reverse fault with strike 324◦, dip 27◦ and slip 64◦ (USGS). This focal solution is preferred over the alternative one based on regional tectonics, which generally dips towards the NE. The earthquake occurred in an identified seismic gap along the coast of Central Peru. The areas mostly affected by the earthquake are within the Ica, Huancavelica and Lima regions, with an official death toll of 519 people and 1,366 injured, a total of 58,581 houses destroyed or demolished as a result of the severe damage induced, and 13,585 houses affected to some degree (OCHA SR21 2007; www.onu.org.pe). The Peruvian Government estimated losses from the earthquake in US$450millions, and expected a reduction in the economic growth of 0.3% for 2007 as a direct cause of the event.

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