The OpenQuake Platform

The GEM Foundation has recently closed the OpenQuake Platform in order to focus efforts towards newer technologies that facilitate better sharing of our datasets and products. Please see our main web page for details of all our products and services. Some of the resources previously hosted on the OpenQuake Platform are now available elsewhere:

  • OpenQuake Engine

    Open source software for state-of-the-art assessment of seismic hazard and risk based on standard inputs, models and methods.

  • OpenQuake Maps Viewer

    WebGIS viewer that allows you to explore earthquake hazard, risk, and exposure maps worldwide.

  • Input Preparation Toolkit

    Tools to help users prepare earthquake rupture, exposure, fragility, consequence and vulnerability input models and associated configuration files for the OpenQuake engine.

  • TaxtWEB

    Web tool for editing and interpreting GEM Taxonomy strings.

  • GEM Building Taxonomy Glossary

    A glossary of all attributes in the GEM Building Taxonomy

If there are any resources that you not able to locate, please contact us at